Marketing Homework

Assignment 1: Positioning and Motto: Company Selected: Amazon

1. Target Customers/Users

 Amazon targets those people who have access to the Internet and have subscribed to online banking such as credit cards, PayPal, debit cards, Western Union and so forth. Additionally, Amazon targets customers worldwide and not the US only. Amazon reaches its customers through partnerships. Through partnerships with other firms, the company is able to offer its products to the consumers of the partner (Amazon, 2018). Besides, Amazon reaches its users through establishing SEO and AdWords. Amazon mainly uses social media to reach customers especially Google. The attention of the customers of Amazon would be attracted due to the value proposition of the firm (Amazon, 2018). This proposition includes an online experience store, convenient shopping, and a one-click store. The table below shows the classification of Amazon’s customers using demographics and psychographics.


Type of segmentation Criteria Amazon’s customers
Demographics Age 18 years and above
  Gender Both men and women
  Occupation Students, employed, self-employed
Psychographics Social class Lower, middle and upper class
  Lifestyle Resigned, reformer, aspirer, explorer, struggler

These customers value going online, convenience and one-click experience.

2. Competitors

The primary competitors of Amazon are Google, Apple, Target, Wal-Mart, and Netflix. Amazon falls into an online shopping product category. Customers would frame Amazon as a company that offers convenience and online shopping experience (Amazon, 2018). Other brands customers might tend to compare with Amazon are Wal-Mart and Apple.

3. USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Amazon is better than its competitors since it offers an online platform, convenience experience, low prices, and one-click shopping experience. The USP of Amazon is great customer service. The company is unique since it gives users many varieties to choose from and thus providing value for money (Amazon, 2018). The competitive advantage of Amazon comes from greater adaptability. For instance, they mainly focus on selling books. However, today, a customer can buy anything at Amazon. This is different from competitors since the rivals of Amazon focus on one product category.

4. Positioning Statement & Motto

  • Amazon Positioning statement: The brand for everyone (target customers) who want an online, one-click and convenient experience (USP).
  • Amazon Motto: Amazon is the ultimate online shop.


Amazon (2018). Amazon: About Us. [Online]. Available at [Accessed on 27th April 2018].

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