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| February 13, 2020

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I consider health to be an inalienable human right and nursing a noble career that safeguards this right. Everyone has a right to affordable health care, and that nursing as a profession contributes to the task of ensuring that people in society have access to quality healthcare services. A nurse should do whatever is professionally possible to contribute to the fulfillment of the ultimate mankind’s dream of proper medical coverage to all members of the community.


I believe that the best way to measure health is through the level of awareness that members of the public have concerning their health needs as well as the right to healthcare. In this case, a nurse must not only be a caretaker, but he must also play the role of an educator at all times. The ability to access health is a clear indication of significant strides taken by society towards achieving healthcare goals.

Health is not a subjective feeling. It is an objective feeling that is universal to all human beings. Every human being needs healthcare services. It is the responsibility of all individuals to take care of their health needs whenever circumstances allow. Health care is the most fundamental pillar of human existence. When someone is in good health, it is his responsibility to pursue regular check-ups as a preventive measure against diseases. Sometimes, ill-health may incapacitate a person, make this impossible. Likewise, some groups such as children, the seniors and the disabled need special medical attention. In this case, the nurse, both as a professional and as a member of the community, should play a part in offering help to these people in a time of need.

It is the responsibility of nurses to respond to the call of duty whenever they are called upon to do so. The value of human life should be their guiding principle whenever they are conducting their daily activities. Whenever nurses use their position to threaten patients with the aim of gaining financial favors, they are acting in an unethical manner and they are acting in violation of human rights.  For this reason, nursing as a profession should be founded on professional ethics that emphasizes on the need to protect, safeguard and promote human life.

The environment in which I am influencing my health status in various ways. For instance, whenever epidemics break out in my locality, I may easily become infected. Lack of healthcare facilities in my environment means that I cannot access medical attention whenever the need arises. I other words, the economic environment that I am in determines whether I can afford to get attended to by a healthcare practitioner. The economic environment per se is not all that affects my health. Without the political will to commit funds to buy drugs, build facilities and hire nurses and doctors, the local clinic is of no use to the local population.

The social environment affects my health status in many ways. By socializing with the local community, I understand their health problems better. I also understand the efforts they take whenever they are in need of medical attention. Therefore, when my turn to get ill comes, I can always seek the appropriate medical attention that is available to the society in which I am part of. If I live in a society where everyone is highly informed about the need to maintain proper health practices, I also easily get influenced to adopt such measures as well. The nature of my physical environment determines the types of diseases I am exposed to and therefore, the healthcare protection measures that I should take.

All human beings are tied together by the element of mortality. Death comes at its own time and all human beings dread it. Safeguarding human health through care and tenderness is a noble goal a nurse should pursue in order to postpone death to the last possible moment. A nurse, by saving lives, contributes to the noblest human value: the sanctity of human life. It is the ability to express respect for mankind among nurses that make the nursing profession unique.


The uniqueness of nursing as a profession is there for all to see, considering the responsibility that nurses have of safeguarding life (Kikuchi & Simmons, 1994). I believe that nurses have the responsibility to ensure that they save lives whenever it is within their ability to do this. As a nurse, I believe that the principle of justice should be applied, such that all people should be accorded an equal opportunity to access health services, regardless of their tribe, creed, color, race, religion or ideology.

 My most cherished values as an aspiring nursing professional are in line with the model adopted by Chinn & Kramer (1999), which considers a nurse to be an educator, a social worker, and a caretaker. I would like to work within the professional code of ethics that guides nurses all over the world while in pursuit of the goal of safeguarding, protecting and promoting human life.


Chinn, B. & Kramer, C. 1999. On Nursing Theories and Evidence, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 33(2), 115 – 119

Kikuchi, J. Simmons, H. 1994. Developing a Philosophy of Nursing, Sage Publications, Inc.

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