Sample Personal Statement


Practice Vision
In what field of medicine do you envision yourself working ten years from now?
500-word limit if possible


Title: Pediatrics specifically Oncology

Student’s Name:

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Institutional Affiliation:

Date Submitted:

For a long time, I have been thinking about my career line. Although my thoughts have wandered towards different careers, I have always had a strong liking for pediatrics. For the past two years, I have been thinking deeply about which areas I should concentrate on within pediatrics. My main interest is in oncology.


   I am confident that ten years from now, I will be firmly entrenched in this career, apart from having a family in my hometown. I am confident that I am on the right track as far as my career dream in pediatrics is concerned. In ten years to come, I see myself practicing in oncology, although only two years ago, the answer to this question was a bit different, with the main interest lies in general surgery and orthopedics.

   My focus in the current career line emanates from the fact that I am gifted in dealing with children. I never realized this until my parents insisted that this trait was inherent in me. I love children for their innocence as well as the fact that they are always funny beings to have around. I have learned this because I have always wanted kids to be a part of my life. I enjoy making them comfortable in the best way I can.

Being of small stature, I find it easy to make myself less threatening and intimidating to children. Making a kid laugh is a fascinating undertaking for me since it gives me the urge to look forward to another day when the kids will remember me for making them laugh at a certain point in their lives. Naturally, I find it much easier to maintain relationships with kids than with adults. I still remember what life was like for me when I was a kid. On this basis, I always adopt a similar point of view when I am relating to the young ones.

My professional resume indicates the measures that I have been taking in order to ensure that I am on the right course as far as my career ambitions are concerned. For instance, I have already volunteered at Neurostructural Research Labs, where the main activities included drawing neurons, dendritic length analysis, and undertaking branch point analysis. The main studies that I undertook in the course of volunteer work are Alzheimer’s disease, as well as various neurologically-related diseases.

At school, I have done a lot in order to shape my career towards pediatrics, particularly oncology. A case in point is my decision to undertake a biology major, as well as working hard to qualify for dual admission in osteopathic medicine at the Nova Southeastern University. At the University Community Hospital, I undertook the Novice Arrhythmia Class in which case I completed 16 hours. I have also worked at the same hospital, specifically on the rehab floor, as a unit secretary. My desire to fight against cancer is strong, and I’d rather contribute to this fight by focusing on infants’ problems. I have experience of my friend’s struggle with emotional problems after her father was diagnosed with cancer. I decided I would focus on oncology in order to help children fight cancer on all fronts. I was motivated by the realization that if the medicine could make it possible for a child to be freed from cancer, then this would be worth the many years that it would take me to study in order to become the child’s physician

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