Tribute Speech

| December 27, 2016

4. Type of Speech: TRIBUTE –Write an outline about an event that you would choose. An event might be birthdays, Thanksgiving holiday … etc.
• Commemorative address: a speech delivered during ceremonies held in memory of some pas event and/or the person or persons involved.
o Examples: A holiday)

I. Introduction: (Don’t forget to start with an attention-getting device!!!)

II. Body:
A. Main Point #1 — Show gratitude to the person/persons or events based on the action they took
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

B. Main Point #2 – Present some facts about the person/persons or events
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

C. Main Point #3 – Urge audience to let the accomplishments and the character of the person inspire them and achieve new goals
1. Supporting Material
2. Supporting Material

→REMEMBER to use 1 example, 1 analogy, 1 metaphor, or 1 use of repetition in your speech
***label this in your outline

III. Conclusion: (Don’t forget to end with a clincher!!!)

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