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Registered Nurses Perception of Specialty Certification

| January 26, 2020

Name of student:Melissa Somerville Course name: Class name: Date assignment due: Contents Chapter 1: Introduction. 2 Statement of the Problem.. 5 Significance of the Problem.. 7 Purpose of the Study. 8 Research Question. 9 Definition of Terms. 9 Theoretical Framework. 10 Assumptions and Limitations. 12 Summary Paragraph. 12 Chapter 2: Review of the Literature. 14 […]

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Article Summary

| July 21, 2019

Question: 1. Find an article and read it ,Topic :Comparison of nursing: China and the United States. 2. After you read the article, please write two pages summary. 3. The length of article is better 8-10 pages or longer, because the summary need two pages. Answer: Details of the Selected Article: Shin, S., Shin, K., […]

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How the construct of gender or ethnicity can shape health behavior in either positive or negative ways

| July 12, 2019

The issue of the construct of gender and ethnicity¬† continues to dominate discourse in a variety of disciplines, including nursing. In nursing, the debate is on the role of gender and ethnicity construct on health behavior. While most essay writing companies will list this topic as one of those they can write about, very few […]

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Nursing research to critique of an article

| July 9, 2019

Question: Do a nursing research to critique of an article Answer: Nursing research: Critique of an article This paper is a critique of Morrison & Yardley (2009) article titled: What infection control measures will people carry out to reduce transmission of pandemic influenza? A focus group study. In this article, the authors start by reflecting […]

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